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Camp-Fires of the Afro-American; or, The Colored Man as a Patriot, Soldier, Sailor, and Hero, in the Cause of Free America

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Camp Fires of the Afro-American; or, The colored man as a patriot, soldier, sailor, and hero,in the cause of free America: displayed in colonial struggles, in the Revolution, the War of 1812, and in later wars, particularly the great Civil War - 1861-5, and the Spanish American War - 1898: concluding with an account of the war with the Filipinos - 1899. 

A Thrilling Record of His Daring and Suffering for Liberty's Sake, in Patriotic Uprisings, in Battles on Land and Sea, In Prison Pens and in Deeds of Individual Heroism.

by Chaplain Jas .M. Guthrie. 710p. (1899)