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HEROISM OF HANNAH DUSTON Together With The Indian Wars of New England

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By Robert B. Caverly.  408p. (1874)

Hannah Duston (Dustin, Dustan, and Durstan) (born Hannah Emerson, December 23, 1657 – c. 1737) was a colonial Massachusetts Puritan mother of nine who was taken captive by Abenaki people from Québec during King William's War, with her newborn daughter, during the Raid on Haverhill in 1697, in which 27 colonists were killed. While detained on an island in the Merrimack River in present-day Boscawen, New Hampshire, she killed and scalped ten of the Native family members holding them hostage and escaped with the assistance of two other captives, Mary Neff and Samuel Lennardson.