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ABBOT: A Genealogical Register of the Desc. of George Abbot of Andover, George of Rowley, Thomas of Andover, Arthur of Ipswich, Robert of Branford, CT and George of Norwalk, CT

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Compiled by Rev. Abiel Abbot, D.D. and Rev. Ephraim Abbot

The first settlers in Andover were Puritans and under the tyranny of the Tudors and Stuarts, many left their native country to enjoy civil and religious liberty. George Abbot of Andover emigrated from Yorkshire, England, about 1640 on the vessel with Hannah Chandler who later became his wife.  Hannah was the daughter of William and Annis C.

George Abbot of Rowley emigrated from Englad with three sons: George, Nehemiah, and Thomas.

Thomas Abbot of Andover married Sarah Steward. They had 10 children: Joseph, Thomas, Sarah, Joseph, Dorothy, Nathaniel, John, Dorothy (2nd, m. Gray), Mary and Ebenezer.

Arthur Abbot came from Ivy Bridge, Devonshire, England and was an early settler of Salem. Some of his children include Arthur, Philip, and possibly Richard.

Robert Abbot of Brandford, CT came from England and was one of the earliest settersl of Weathersfield, CT where he resided in 1641. The name of his wife is unknown but his children were Benjamin, John (b. 1649), Abigail, Robert, John (b. 1652), Daniel, and Mary.

George Abbot of Norwalk came from England and was one of the earliest settlers in Norwalk, CT with town records back to 1653. The name of his first wife is not known. Their children were John, Dorothy (m. Rook), Priscilla (m. Clason), Mary (m. Jackson), George, and Daniel. His married second to Johannah, who had been a window.

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