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Anderson - Krogh Genealogy: Ancestral Lines & Descendants

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By Lester W. Hansen

With Viking and Nordic roots dating back to 100 B.C. the first recorded individual with the name "Anderson" was Björn Anderson Kvelve who was born in 1801 in Vikedal, Norway. He married Abel Catherine von Krogh in 1831 and transported goods up and down the coast. He came into contact with Quakers, later adopting their faith and identifying with them. In 1836, Björn persuaded neighbors to join him in leaving Norway and sail to New York. This book tells of the fascinating early line of descent from the powerful warrior Odin (100 B.C.) to the Swedish kings of the Ynglinger Dynasty (690 A.D.). It tells of many more descendants and their ancestral roots as well as different branches of the Anderson name. 

(323p., Illus., 1956)