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BRADT: Descendants of Albert and Arent Andriessen Bradt

BRADT: Descendants of Albert and Arent Andriessen Bradt

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By Cynthia Brott Biasca

First generation through the eleventh generation in addition to Bradts of unknown lineage.

 Excerpt taken from Forward, written by Kenneth H. Bradt:

"This book will serve a variety of needs.  If you are looking for your own Bradt ancestors and starting from scratch, this is the place to begin.  If you are lucky, you may find your line already partially or fully delineated.  Failing this, there is a good chance you may find helpful clues, and the reference list is the best you can find anywhere. In the least favorable outcome, you may find yourself making a new addition to the 'Bradts of Unknown Origin' category. 
For those who already know their direct line of descent but want to see the big picture, or learn exactly how they relate to cousins in neighboring lines, this book was tailor-made.
For genealogists working on other family lines where a Bradt comes into the picture, this book may tell them more about the Bradt connection than they ever anticipated. Indeed, for almost any conceivable inquiry pertaining to Bradt family descent, this book will be an invaluable resource. "  

(776p., Illus, Index, 1990)