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DOOLITTLE Family in America, Parts I-VII, 1901-1908 (Hardcover)

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By William Frederick Doolittle

This multi-part volume packs in a lot of information on the Doolittle family in America. Why did they leave their homeland and come to America? We see the life of Abraham Doolittle. He and his brother John came from England to Boston as early as 1640, perhaps earlier. John had no children.  Abraham Doolittle, Puritan, settled in New Haven, bought land, became a sheriff and served the community, and later as deputy to the General Court of Wallingford. He was a prominent man and trusted citizen in the early settlement. He was born in England in 1619, married Joan Allen, married second to Abigail Moss. Recorded here are some of his descendants and biographical sketches of those in prominent positions

(730p., Illus, Index, 1908)   (844 actual p.)