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FLORY: Genealogy of the Flory-Dinkey family, with direct ancestors including Boyd, Wallace, Carnahan, Cobb, etc. 1946

  • 1600

By Gertrude Flory Dinkey

This is the Flory-Dinkey family, giving the genealogy, history, and descendants of Jacob Flora, Sr., of Franklin County, Virginia. He lived from 1725-1796. Various spellings of name include Flory, Flohr, Florey, Fleury, Flori. In the same community they spelled it both Flora and Flory. Many descendants of the family that landed in Phila in 1733 were of the Dunker Brethren faith. They have many things in common with the Mennonites, the Quakers, and the Moravians. The Dinkeys are seen in Germany as they fled England and Ireland. Martin Dinkey sailed from Rotterdam and landed in Phila in 1743. In the Indian massacre of 1755 we see a Milchor Dinke and his daughter killed. Includied in this book are the Boyd, Wallace, Carnahan, Cobb, Stephens, Osgood, Sitgreaves, Iddings, Sharpless, Lewis, Boen, Vail, Farnham families.

(98p., Illus, Index, 1946)