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FOSTER: The Foster Family, California Pioneers

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By Lucy F. Sexton

  • First Overland Trip - 1849
  • Second Overland Trip - 1852
  • Third Overland Trip - 1853
  • Fourth Trip (via Panama) - 1857

These are journals and letters of Isaac Foster (1790-1858), a Presbyterian minister in New York and in Chicago, who later moved to San Jose, California, where he changed his ocupation and became a city judge in 1849. He was born in New Hartford, Connecticut and married Grace Parsons in 1812, while serving in the War of 1812. Includes some ancestral family history, as well as some of his family letters, poems, essays, etc. Also includes some family data about his immediate descendants. The Foster family is well known and reputable in America and an ancient name in England dating back to 837 A.D.

(285p. 1925)