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FOWLER: Our Predecessors and their Descendants 1888

  • 1600

By Robert Ludlow Fowler

This fascinating booklet provides genealogical records of the Fowler family from England to America, showing the descendants of William Fowler, a Magistrate from 1643 to 1654. He was the emigrant ancestor of most Fowlers of Connecticut. He arrived in 1637. We also see the rich history of the towns and their establishments and those who played a part in it as he was a pillar of the newly formed church and town of New Haven. Included is the lineage of the Fowler wives. Early on in America's start were Fowlers. We see Philip in Ipswich, Mass in 1634, Joseph is seen in Mespatkill, Newton, Long Island in 1655 - this place was founded by colonists from New England. William left four sons and one daughter when he passed in 1660. 

(78p. 1888)