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FRETZ: Brief history of John & Christian Fretz & complete genealogical register to the fourth generatioN

  • 2000

By A. J. Fretz 

This is an account of the history of pioneer ancestors and brothers, John and Christian Fretz who were of German origin. They were connected with a distinctly German church - Mennonite - and it is said they came to America during what was called 'the last persecution' - they were told either connect with the State Church or leave the country. They came to America between 1710 and 1720. Christian settled in Bucks County, Pennsylvania along the Tinicum Creek and John at some point settled Plumstead Township. A genealogical family register is given to the fourth generation, along with information on the Fretz Family Reunions held at Bedminster, Penna., in 1888, 1893, 1898, 1903. biographies of descendants from earliest available records to 1890. 

(125p., Illus, Index, 1904)