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FULLER: Genealogy of some descendants of Capt. Matthew Fuller, John of Newton, John of Lynn, etc, With supplement to vol. I & II 1914

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By William Hyslop Fuller

This is Vol lll of the Fuller family genealogy, showing the record and descendants of Captain Matthew Fuller, John of Newton, John of Lynn, John of Ipswich, and Robert of Dorchester.  All were immigrants who came to and were early settlers to America before 1650. Many Puritans left England due to religious persecution. In the time of Queen Elizabeth -1558 to 1603- the policy was to enforce absolute uniformity in religious belief. King James l, who succeeded her was also intolerant in religious matters. Several Fullers came from England to America later, in 1638. This book gives several generations of descendants as well as an index of Fuller s and others named. It also includes a supplement to the genealogy of Edward Fuller (Vol.1) and Dr. Samuel Fuller of the Mayflower (Vol ll) .

(325p., Illus, Index, 1914)