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GARBER - MILLER, Elder Samuel Garber & Elizabeth Miller of Augusta County, Virginia 2000

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By Floyd R. & Kathryn Garst Mason

This is the Garber and Miller families, with a focus on Elder Samuel Garber and Elizabeth Miller of Augusta County, Virginia. Included are ten generations of their descendants, their land grant of 1798. We see the early Garbers in eastern counties of Pennsylvania, in Maryland, and Virginia, and associated with different branches of German Lutheran, Mennonite, Brethren, Dunker. The immigrant families that came to America lived together, worshipped together, and intermarried the first two generations in the new world. It was roughdealing with the elements, Indians, wars, English Rule, and American efforts to colonize and form a new republic. Land was gotten from William Penn and helped the settlers in Penna. Various spellings of the name include Gerber.  

(161p. 2000)