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GARDNER History and Genealogy 1907

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By Lillian May and Charles Morris Gardner 

This is a publication on the Gardner family, showing the origin of the name, life and descendants of those by the name that came to America. English immigrants by the name of Gardner, Gardiner and Gardener, and Gardenar spellings came to New England with the earliest settlers. Thomas , of Cape Ann and Salem, Massachusetts lived from 1623-1674. He is referred to as Planter, and Overseer at Cape Anne and moved to Salem 1626, as the Cape Anne soil was too poor for agriculture. He was born about 1592. George Gardner was among the first to settle Rhode Island by 1638. Family records, deeds, wills, and several generations of descendants are traced. Did you know Gardiner's Island lies east of Long Island -about three and a half miles. This is covered in the book on Lion Gardiner. 

(407p. Index, 1907)