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GARST: Elder Jeremiah H. Garst and His descendants 2000

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Floyd R. and Kathryn Garst Mason

This is a short booklet on the story of the Garst family in America, showing Elder Jeremiah H. and Nancy (Grisso) Garst and their five generations of descendants. He lived from 1845 to 1897, residing in Roanoke Virginia as a farmer and member of the Church of the Brethren, and a minister in the Peters Creek Congregation and served on the school board of Roanoke County. They had six children. The ancestors came to America in search of freedom and justice, to separate from the domination of the church at Rome, a rest from persecution, and freedom to study the Word and worship God. The name has been spelled Gerst, Gherst, Gast, Cast, Gish, Grist, Gorst, Garst, Karst, Kearst, etc.

27p. 2000. (Softcover)