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GOYETTE: Histoire genealogique et livre de famille des Goyette, 1659-1959, or The Goyette's family book and genealogY

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The Goyette Family Book and Genealogy
Histoire Généalogique et Livre de famille des Goyette 1659-1959
By Armand Goyette

The original family name was Goguet, pronounced Gogue or Goguay. Other spelling variations include Goyer, Goiet, Gauger, Goguet, and Goyette. In France the original spelling of Goguet can still be found but in America it has been replaced by Goyet or Goyette. First generation starts in France in 1629 with Peter who married Louise Garnier.

Note some of this book is in French. Also note that the pagination in the original book contains gaps. This is not a mistake and no pages have been left out during the printing process.

(528pp, Index, Quebec, 1959)