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HALSTED: Some descendants of Jonas Halsted (1610-82) & some allied families

HALSTED: Some descendants of Jonas Halsted (1610-82) & some allied families

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By Laura A. D. Shoptaugh. 206p. 1954.

Timothy Halsted had 11 children in the 4th generation, including Caleb, Hannah, Jonah, Jacob, Alice, and Amy Halsted. R.W. Halsted made significant land purchases, such as one in 1834 for $4000 that included a Grist Mill. Oliver Halsted served as a First Lieutenant in the Civil War and was discharged in 1864.

Henry Davis and his family resided in Putnam Co., Missouri, where their children were born. Ann Halsted Lindsley had children with Everett Frazar and lived in Short Hills, New Jersey. The document also mentions Laura A. Davis Shoptaugh's business address in Oakland, California, and her sister Lillie Davis Summers' generous contribution towards printing expenses.

The historical context includes details about the church, land sales, and personal agreements of R.W. Halsted. It also highlights the involvement of various libraries in historical research and the significance of religious gatherings in the community. The will of Jonathan Halsted from 1814, witnessed by John Simmons and Robert Hill, is mentioned, along with the sale of land in Indiana in 1860 by Oliver Halsted.