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OVERTON, PA: HISTORY OF OVERTON TOWNSHIP, 1810-1885, with Biographical Sketches of the Pioneers. Wtih index. (Softcover)

  • 2000

By C. F. Heverly

This book gives the history of a township in Pennsylvania named after the Honorable Edward Overton, a triangular shaped area in the northern part of the state. Overton Township is in in Bradford County. This is the history from 1810-1885, with biographical sketches of the pioneers of this wilderness area. The first permanent settler was Daniel Heverly and his family, a native of Lehigh County, Penna. He was of German parentage and born in 1764. Also listed are the 'Overton Boys' who served in the Civil War, who were among the bravest and best who wore the blue. (Softcover)

(82p. + 29p., Index, 1885)